How to Unlist Phone Number From True Caller

As we all know that truecaller is very essential now a days to identifying the unknown caller or number's information. This application also provides you many other features like truecaller money transfer, block caller ID, prevent your phone from spam caller and more. If you are afraid that this application is tracking your data or your personal information then I have one solution for you to unlist your phone number from this application. Follow the simple following steps for all users like android, iOS. To do unlisting the number you have follow 2 procedures (1. deactivate you truecaller account and 2. Unlist mobile number)

1. Deactivate your truecaller account 

Step 1 - Open your truecaller app and open the setting option in the application

Step 2 - Then click on privacy center option.

How to Unlist Phone Number From True Caller

Step 3 - Tap on deactivate account, and then one confirmation box will open and tap on yes option

After following these steps app with redirect to signup page, that means your account is totally deactivated and your data is permanently deleted from truecaller's database.

How to Unlist Phone Number From True Caller

2. Unlist phone number 

Unlisting your number is very important even you deactivate your account. Without unlisting the number, other users can see your information. To unlist the number follow the following steps.

Step 1 - Click Here  - to visit official unlisting website of true caller in your browser.

Step  2 - Enter the number with your country code and validate the captcha 

Step  3 - After entering mobile number and validate captcha, click on unlist phone number 

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours before the number gets removed.

Unlist Mobile Number FAQ's

Q1. How to unlist from true caller?

Q2. How to unlist my number from true caller?

Q3. How to unlist number from true caller?

Q4. How to unlist my number in true caller?

Q5. How to unlist number on truecaller?

Answer:-  First deactivate you account by following the above procedure and then go to official unlist phone number page and then fill the form and click on unlist phone munber button.

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