[Latest News] Jio 4G Feature Phone launching in June [10 Important Things we know]


Reliance Jio has been all over the news lately for the past couple of days for its new Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer which the company just announced recently. And if you have been following us for a long time now, then you already know that we have been covering a lot of exclusive news, on the likes of the new Jio 4G enabled Laptop, etc. We had also reported about the Jio 4G Feature phone previously and now we do have some new info about. So we decided to give a round up of the 8 things which we know about the upcoming Jio Feature Phone.

The Design

Talking about the design of this upcoming Jio 4G Feature phone, there are a lot of rumors out there suggesting that it will be a flip phone. However, according to our source, the phone will retain the same candy bar design which most of the other feature phones have these days. Hence most of the images of the phone, which you have been seeing online are probably fake ones. As of now, we don’t have any images to showcase but it will certainly have a candy bar design.

4G Support

One of the most important features which this feature phone will have is the 4G Support. Considering the fact that Reliance Jio only supports 4G, it won’t make any sense for this not to come with 4G support out of the box, if they want people using their services. Hence expect this device to have 4G support out of the box.

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VoLTE voice calling

Jio being the only operator to introduce the HD Voice and Video with seamless transition between them, the upcoming Jio feature phone will also come with VoLTE support. Since this is a feature we don’t expect it to have a lot of apps onboard and hence not having VoLTE means users will have to use Jio voice app, which may or may not work on the phone properly.

HotSpot support for Internet Sharing

Most of the Jio users are using the service primarily for internet usage on their laptops or secondary phones and hence having the HotSpot feature is a must nowadays. And according to our source, the Jio feature phone will have hotspot support as well to cater the needs of the consumers now.

Software onboard

The software is the most important part when it comes to these feature phones since we don’t have anything huge to look forward in the hardware department. And it looks like the Jio Feature phone will be running on a customized java OS. It has been brought to our notice that this Java OS will also have HTML Support which will allow some basic apps to run on the platform.


In 2017 where most of the users depend on apps on their smartphones to get most of the job done, Jio cannot afford to play around here. Although this is a basic feature phone, the company is working with developers to bring some social media apps and other necessary apps which one may require on a daily basis like Facebook, Instagram, uber, etc. to work with this device. With the way things are going, it is expected that Jio might also come up with a mini app store to go with its devices.

Hardware specs

The new Jio feature phone will have a TFT Multi-color display on the front, just like the one on the new Nokia 3310 phone. The device will carry the same basic form factor like pretty much any other feature phone in the market. Although we have some more info about the internal hardware that this device will carry, we are ready to share them yet until we get some clarity on it.

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As far as the pricing is concerned, this upcoming Feature phone from Jio will be priced at 1,499 INR. Now in comparison to most of the feature phones out there in the market, the pricing is quite competitive and this definitely gives an upper hand to Jio over the others. Do make a note that this is not confirmed officially by the company but the info which we got from our internal sources.

Launch Details

As of now, we have no official confirmation on the launch of this feature phone. It is expected that Jio will be launching this feature phone in or around the same time when Nokia will be debuting the new Nokia 3310 phone in India. So expect this device to drop in the market around mid-June if not earlier. And again as mentioned earlier, we have no confirmation on any of this officially from the company and we got this info from our internal sources over at Jio.


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