How To Share All Types Of Files On Whatsapp (Whatsapp Update)


There are many limitation on whatsapp for sharing different extension of files. Now whatsapp rolling out its new update for all android users. Now you can send any type of files to your friends or relatives. Whatsapp is also planing for recall text feature for android soon. You can download the latest WhatsApp update from the Play Store or App Store to get this feature.

Send APK Files & More

Successfully Send APK File
Successfully Send APK File

Whatsapp wasn’t able to send APK Files in past but after this update it is able to send those files. We also tested by sending different files to others like- APK, .doc, csv, pdf, ppt, Xls and more & it successfully passed in that test. A recent update in the WhatsApp Beta stream allows you to share images in form of Albums, keeping your chat window clutter-free. This feature automatically arranges images in a clean album view if you share more than 4 images in the same message.

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WhatsApp also received features like end-to-end encryption and Status (like Instagram Stories) over the last few months. It is expected to get iOS-like Photo Filters update and a ‘Remove Message’ button in future updates.

Whatsapp Version 2.17.254
Whatsapp Version 2.17.254

To use this latest feature by whatsapp you have update you whatsapp app to 2.17.254 version.

So thats it for now, I hope you like this article. Tell me your suggestion regarding this new update by whatsapp in comments section.


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